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Our Offerings

optimised Lead Generation

Our lead generation tactics are second-to-none. That is how we are able to provide super quality and phenomenal results in numerous industries with consistency.

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powerfull Social Media Marketing

Our Marketing and Advertising team work in parallel to deliver results by injecting paid traffic online to your website and services.

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website Branding & Rebranding

We put alot of thought into focusing on what your brand is wanting to accomplish in the market and create a plan to position you as an authority.

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Creating Powerful Results

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Our Approach

At Mainwave Media we work with small and medium-sized companies looking to leverage modern digital marketing strategies to accelerate their business growth and increase total market share.

Our KEY Areas

  • Competitor Analysis

    Find your competitors – and beat them. Create compelling content they’ve ignored or content that’s 10x better than anything they’ve ever produced.

  • Audience Analysis

    Create content that gets noticed. Know exactly what customers want, create SEO-friendly content and ensure it’s easily accessible to all customers. We learn your market and target audience like the back of our hand before we ever start building out campaigns or content.

  • Social Listening

    Understand what customers want in real-time so you can create content that continually delights them. Measure, analyze and consistently optimize all your social efforts.

  • Editorial Strategy

    Less guesswork and more results. A documented view of business goals, content to be produced, content formats, key deadlines and content workflow for success.